Entry #1

Prof Oaks Research posted!

2010-11-15 16:38:17 by remixV4

Well, I'm surprised I was able to produce another video before the end of the year. Hooray for motivation! Anyway, this one if just a short hand drawn animation to test out a few new techniques. Don't like Pokemon? That's cool. It's a parody afterall, so you might still like it regardless.

Check out the video if you want. If you like it, why not suggest it for the Collection? You'd be super awesome cool for it. See ya!



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2010-11-16 00:42:30

you are awesome! XD i cant wait to see more from you!


2010-11-16 03:44:25



2010-11-17 14:25:09

This one actualy made me laugh and you have some great points with this movie. I realy enjoied and i hope to see more from you :)


2010-11-17 18:57:57

gay anime styled animation

remixV4 responds:

Shit, you're right. I shouldn't use anime styled animation for something based off an anime.


2010-11-19 22:25:57

why do people use the word "gay" its like there homophobic or something or have problems withem

remixV4 responds:

His name IS Innerchild...


2010-11-23 22:19:14

totally awesome, anime styled animation is alright and its HILARIOUS. best pokemon parody i've seen (in newgrounds), i cant wait for the next one