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I'm addicted to this game. I don't usually enjoy defence games, but I love how you can fight alongside the troops that you manage. Both the fighting and skill systems are really fun, and are very satisying to use. I really enjoy the art too. The backgrounds are especially well done.

Fantastic job!

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Not bad

I would recommend tweaking the controls a little though. They seem a little too slippery to me. Other than that, it's a great balance of fun and challenge.

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I loved it!

Fluid animation, with witty and interesting scenarios. My fav was with the Pokeball. I had a good laugh with that one.

PuffballsUnited responds:

That's probably my favorite fail. I love parodying things and keeping as close to the original as I can.

Quite Fun

You should mention that deaths from challenge mode add to your time though, I respawned once or twice without knowing that and just barely made the 15min achievement.

Good, but way too fast

I think it would be a little more fun if it was slowed down. Impressive graphics, and good layout though

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ARMouros responds:

thanks slowing it down - im 50/50 on it some people are having no problem getting to the last stage maybe if it is to hard then i would do it

Fun, but flawed

Using an 8-directional axis doesn't work well on a 3D landscape like this. It would have been better if the bullets were aimed where the mouse was, instead of the general direction.

Other than that, the music was nice and the sprites were great. Good job

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Time Taken - 2 hours

I'm surprised I found Anna on the first map I travelled too haha

Nice little game. The only thing I don't like about it is the ammo for melee weapons. That's always bugs me

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Fix this

Why is it called "Name That Pokemon" When a seemingly vast majority of characters aren't? I've yet to encounter a single pokemon so far.

Fix the ratio, or make it just pokemon.

Amazing job

I'd suggest allowing Megaman to be able to cancel his slide by turning in the other direction or something like in the real megaman games. Having him slide at set distances like this is a little hindering at times.

Other than that, far above what I suspected. 10 star all the way

All in all, not bad

The core dressing system itself is very basic, but the character art is pretty nice. A solid character creator overall. Good job

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