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Wow, awesome work. A wonderful little story, with excellent animation as always.

I honestly wasn't expeecting much when I loaded this up, but this turned out to be fantastic! The use of 3D spriting looked amazing, and the story was funny, interesting and stayed true to the games. It's a shame this is your last sprite movie. This had such great potential for an awesome series.

I did enjoy it as a lone entry though. 5 stars!

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks for the review! Perhaps one day I might return to it with drawn animation : >

I loved the pixel art styled visuals. It was as if Sonic 2 had cutscenes. Not only did it blend well, but it was very accurate to the characters too. Good job! I'd like to see more animations like this.

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MichaFrario responds:

"if sonic 2 had cutscenes" <- that comment made my day :' )

It's a nice opening, but I really hope you don't intend to continue Alvins series without matching or exceeding his skill. It really isn't anyones place to take up someone elses work to begin with.

I can't help but laugh every time he say's it fast. The art is fantastic as always, and it's sung in such a serious tone that it's funny. Keep up the great work!

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The art is pretty good as usual, and the voice acting was alright for most characters. While the concept of the video was good, a lot of the lines didn't flow properly, and broke up the pacing of the song. More effort should have been put into making the syllables of each word more synchronized with the background music.

Other than that little gripe, it was a good video. Keep it up Wax!

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Wow, this is great..The animation and art quality are fantastic, and the concept is hilarious. I really hope this turns into a mini series.

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I'm so glad you've continued into a series. The first 2 were funny as hell, and the third doesn't disappoint. I laughed especially hard when Jessie ignored James screwing up their intro. I'm looking forward to more!

An oddly catchy tune, with strikingly interesting visuals and animation style. Incredibly smooth and fluid, with great use of few color and tone. Fantastic work!

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The animation was charming, abd the horrible fanfic made this hilarious to watch. I found it especially amusing that the storyline continued to make less sense as it continued. Not to mention the visuals made them even funnier.

I got a really good laugh out of this. Here's hoping you do a few more fanfic animations.

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